Climate Change

If humanity fails to face the problem of climate change in a concerted effort to ameliorate the ever-increasing burden of greenhouse gases in the fragile earth's atmosphere on which all life depends, the catastrophic consequences of inaction will overshadow all other problems surrounding social and economic injustice that currently are so pervasive in the human world.

Already, the current level of these gases in the atmosphere is impacting the global environment.  Even if we were to seriously curtail the release of the greenhouse gases that are the direct byproduct of the burning of fossil fuels, it would take many decades before the level of these substances would noticeably begin to drop.

The ultimate reality that humans will face if nothing is done to confront this reality is difficult to imagine.

The science in regard to this reality is irrefutable.  The following links provide information in the following areas:
One aspect of the global environment that is of special concern is the viability of the earth's oceans.  What follows is a detailed report regarding this concern.  As you can see, the data enumerated are very troubling.  

Below are listed a few of the many Climate Change and Environmental Advocacy Groups in the Pacific Northwest