Contemporary Voices in Seattle

The following are links to those in the Pacific Northwest who have are making major contributions to peace and social justice -

Bill Hobson - Voice for Seattle's Homeless
Abraham Keller - Peace Advocate
Bridgette Hempstead - Founder of Cierra Sisters, a Women's Breast Cancer Advocacy Group
Tim Harris - Founder of Real Change Newspaper
John Fox - Low Income Housing Advocate
Cecile Hansen - Duwamish Tribal Leader
Pramila Jayapal _ Progressive Congresswoman, Representing the 7th District
Father Michael Ryan - Priest at St. James Cathedral Outspoken on the Issue of Sexual Abuse
Michael Ramos - Executive Director of Church Council of Greater Seattle
Dr. Jean King - Mother to the Homeless
Reverend Rick Reynolds - Operation Nightwatch - an important and on-going organization dedicated to the advocacy of the homeless population in the Seattle region.